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How to find the right tooling partner.


Now that we’ve determined how valuable a good toolmaker is, it’s time to discuss finding the right one. The way you choose a toolmaker determines whether you wind up with a partner who helps you build market share, or one who makes production challenging and drives your quality ratings down. Let’s assume that you have […]

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Quality problems with your Tier base? Talk to the right tooling company.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen OEMs take a more active interest in Tier vendors’ design, engineering and production. They know that if the tooling’s not right, it doesn’t matter what else is. Beyond that, they’ve seen what well-engineered tooling can do for part quality, lead times and costs. If you’re running final assembly […]

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Who says toolmakers can’t make molds AND dies?


A surprising number of tooling managers and procurement specialists think they should source molds and dies separately. “You’re good at injection molding tooling? Then you can’t be good at die cast tooling.” Or “You’re great at die cast? You can’t do plastics.” They’re wrong. Both types of tool result from an advanced product quality planning […]

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Going Lean to improve quality, cut costs and reduce lead times.

Lean graph

Job 1 for us, as a Tier One vendor and supplier to other Tier One vendors, is making sure our manufacturing quality supports OEM quality. We also have to make sure our continuous improvement strategy stacks up with the customer’s expectations on lead times, engineering, manufacturing and sampling. That’s why JMMS is going Lean, with […]

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Extending your return on investment with refurbished tools

refurbishing a die

  We’re rebuilding a die for a leading OEM of small engines and lawn & garden products. The refurb is basically finished, with 100% of parts in spec for sampling. We’ve extended the customer’s return on investment and we’ve also been able to demonstrate the way we approach project management and communications. We’re always interested […]

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