Extending your return on investment with refurbished tools

refurbishing a die

Refurbishing a die extends your ROI.


We’re rebuilding a die for a leading OEM of small engines and lawn & garden products. The refurb is basically finished, with 100% of parts in spec for sampling. We’ve extended the customer’s return on investment and we’ve also been able to demonstrate the way we approach project management and communications.

We’re always interested in maintenance assignments on legacy tools, because it’s a good opportunity for us to see how a tool has performed over the course of a product run, and how we can optimize for improved part quality and shorter cycle times.

The conversations we have with the customer’s tooling and production engineers tell us as much as the sampling data. What we generally find is that customers want something beside extended production — they want better communications with the project managers, engineers and toolmakers.

If you have a mold or die that’s due for refurb, give us a call.  We can support your on-site maintenance or provide in-house welding, heat treating and stress relieving.  We also give you shorter lead times, to minimize unplanned downtime or work within your scheduled outage.

Rich Martin has 39 years of experience with injection molding and die cast. Over the course of his career, he’s worked in process engineering, project, program and plant management, account management, sales and business development. He joined JMMS in 2008 and manages marketing and sales.